• Root Canal Treatment - Cleaning out the inside nerve of the tooth to preserve the tooth. Once the nerve is removed, the root is filled with a root canal filling material. This treatment is done by our Endodontist.

Orthodontics treatment

  • Braces
    • Conventional - This is metal brackets

    • Invisible - Tooth-colored brackets and coated white wire were used to help reposition the Teeth. This type of fixed appliance is almost invisible from a distance.

  • Oral Surgery
    • dental implants (a titanium cage or screw placed in the bone to replace a lost tooth or teeth)
    • Orthonagtic surgery (correction of jaw position)
    • Surgical removal of wisdom teeth

    • Periodontics - Gum treatment
      Gum should be pink and well-defined, not red and puffy. Dark or red gum tissue around teeth or restorations may indicate periodontal disease, an allergic reaction or an ill-fitting restoration.

    • Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry - teeth whitening, tooth color fillings, bonding, Veneers, crowns, bridges, implants etc

 Please refer to the cosmetic dentistry page for further information